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    Subdivision 1.[Repealed by amendment, 1988 c 496 s 18]
    Subd. 2. Requirements to obtain certificate for reconstructed vehicle. If a vehicle is
altered so as to become a reconstructed vehicle, the owner shall apply for a certificate of title to
the reconstructed vehicle in the manner provided in section 168A.04, and any existing certificate
of title to the vehicle shall be surrendered for cancellation.
    Subd. 3. Scrapped, dismantled, or destroyed vehicle. An owner who scraps, dismantles,
or destroys a vehicle, or a person who purchases a vehicle as scrap or to be dismantled or
destroyed, shall immediately have the certificate of title mailed or delivered to the department for
cancellation. A certificate of title for the vehicle shall not again be issued.
    Subd. 4. Motorcycle with new engine. (a) If the commissioner does not require that a new
or amended title be issued and stamped as reconstructed or otherwise under this chapter for an
automobile being operated with an engine that is not its original engine, then the commissioner
shall not require that title issued for a motorcycle being operated with an engine that is not its
original engine be stamped or otherwise labeled as reconstructed or otherwise.
(b) This subdivision does not prevent the commissioner from requiring that a new application
be completed according to section 168A.04 and be filed with the commissioner. Upon receipt
of the completed application and the old title, and subject to section 168A.05, subdivision 1,
the commissioner shall issue another certificate of title, which must list the engine number, for
the motorcycle with the nonoriginal engine.
History: 1971 c 162 s 15; 1988 c 496 s 18; 1993 c 93 s 8; 2002 c 371 art 1 s 22