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The registrar shall maintain in the registrar's office an information bureau to answer
questions, through electronic transmission, personal inquiry, telephone, or letter. Registrations
shall be completed with the utmost dispatch to render the most efficient service to the public. The
registrar, or any deputy or employee, shall not be liable to any person for mistake or negligence in
the giving of information not willfully calculated to injure such person. The registration system
shall be so conducted, and the requirements thereof so construed, as to furnish to the public
immediate, accurate information as to any single car about which the inquiry may be made, and to
furnish the registrar a means of checking back during any year to determine that all motor vehicles
subject to taxation and licensing have had the proper tax or fee paid thereon.
History: (2694) 1921 c 461 s 23; 1923 c 418 s 23; 1925 c 299 s 3; 1965 c 51 s 22; 1986 c
444; 1993 c 85 s 2; 1996 c 435 s 12