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    Subdivision 1. Funding. Each site shall receive $1,250 each year for two years. If fewer
than 30 sites are selected, each site shall receive an additional proportionate share of money
appropriated and not used. Before receiving money for the second year, a long-range plan for arts
education must be submitted to the Perpich Center for Arts Education.
    Subd. 2. Criteria. The center, in consultation with the Comprehensive Arts Planning
Program State Steering Committee, must establish criteria for site selection. Criteria shall include
at least the following:
(1) a willingness by the district or group of districts to designate a program chair for
comprehensive arts planning with sufficient authority to implement the program;
(2) a willingness by the district or group of districts to create a committee comprised of
school district and community people whose function is to promote comprehensive arts education
in the district;
(3) commitment on the part of committee members to participate in training offered by the
Department of Education;
(4) a commitment of the committee to conduct a needs assessment of arts education;
(5) commitment by the committee to evaluate its involvement in the program;
(6) a willingness by the district to adopt a long-range plan for arts education in the district;
(7) location of the district or group of districts to assure representation of urban, suburban,
and rural districts and distribution of sites throughout the state.
    Subd. 3. Program accounts. A district receiving funds must maintain a separate account for
the receipt and disbursement of all funds relating to the program. The funds must be spent only
for the purpose of arts education programs, including teacher release time.
    Subd. 4. Additional funding. A district receiving funds may receive funds for the program
from private sources and from other governmental agencies, including any state or federal funds
available for arts education.
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