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    Subdivision 1. Single committee. A candidate must not accept contributions from a source,
other than self, in aggregate in excess of $100 or accept a public subsidy unless the candidate
designates and causes to be formed a single principal campaign committee for each office sought.
A candidate may not authorize, designate, or cause to be formed any other political committee
bearing the candidate's name or title or otherwise operating under the direct or indirect control
of the candidate. However, a candidate may be involved in the direct or indirect control of a
party unit.
    Subd. 2. Replacement of officers. A candidate may at any time without cause remove and
replace the chair, treasurer, deputy treasurer, or any other officer of the candidate's principal
campaign committee.
History: 1974 c 470 s 19; 1976 c 307 s 13; 1978 c 463 s 50; 1986 c 444; 1993 c 318 art
2 s 14; 1999 c 220 s 22,50