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    Subdivision 1. Procedure. The procedure in this section must be used to improve an
established and constructed drainage system.
    Subd. 2. Definition. In this section "improvement" means the tiling, enlarging, extending,
straightening, or deepening of an established and constructed drainage system including
construction of ditches to reline or replace tile and construction of tile to replace a ditch.
    Subd. 3. Limit of extension. An improvement may only extend a drainage system
downstream to a more adequate outlet and the extension may not exceed one mile.
    Subd. 4. Petition. (a) A petition must be signed by:
(1) at least 26 percent of the owners of the property affected by the proposed improvement;
(2) at least 26 percent of the owners of property that the proposed improvement passes over;
(3) the owners of at least 26 percent of the property area affected by the proposed
improvement; or
(4) the owners of at least 26 percent of the property area that the proposed improvement
passes over.
(b) The petition must be filed with the auditor or, for a drainage system in more than one
county, with the auditor of the county having the largest area of property the improvement would
be located on.
(c) The petition must:
(1) designate the drainage system proposed to be improved by number or another description
that identifies the drainage system;
(2) state that the drainage system has insufficient capacity or needs enlarging or extending to
furnish sufficient capacity or a better outlet;
(3) describe the starting point, general course, and terminus of any extension;
(4) describe the improvement, including the names and addresses of owners of the 40-acre
tracts or government lots and property that the improvement passes over;
(5) state that the proposed improvement will be of public utility and promote the public
health; and
(6) contain an agreement by the petitioners that they will pay all costs and expenses that
may be incurred if the improvement proceedings are dismissed.
    Subd. 5. Subsequent proceedings. When a petition and the bond required by section
103E.202 are filed, the auditor shall present the petition to the board at its next meeting or, for
a joint county drainage system, to the joint county drainage authority within ten days after the
petition is filed. The drainage authority shall appoint an engineer to examine the drainage system
and make an improvement report. The improvement proceedings must be conducted under this
chapter as provided for the original proceedings for the establishment of a drainage project. The
benefits and damages determined must be as a result of the proposed improvement. Assessments
for the repair of the improvement must be based on the benefits determined for the improvement.
    Subd. 6. Petition for separable part of the drainage system needing repair. (a) If the
existing drainage system needs repair and the petition for the improvement is for a separable part
only of the existing drainage system, the engineer may include in the detailed survey report a
statement showing the proportionate estimated cost of the proposed improvement required to
repair the separable part of the existing system and the estimated proportionate cost of the added
work required for the improvement. The notice of hearing on the detailed survey report must
be given by publication and mailing to all persons owning property affected by the existing
drainage system. The hearing may be held at the same time and location as the establishment
hearing for the improvement.
(b) At the hearing, if the drainage authority determines that only a separable portion of
the existing drainage system will be improved and that the portion needs repair, the drainage
authority shall determine and assess, by order, the proportionate cost of the improvement that
would be required to repair the separable portion of the drainage system to be improved. The
order must direct that:
(1) the repair portion is allocated as repairs and assessed against all property benefited by the
entire drainage system, as provided by section 103E.731; and
(2) the balance of the cost of the improvement is assessed in addition to the repair assessment
against the property benefited by the improvement.
History: 1990 c 391 art 5 s 29