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    Subdivision 1. Applicability. The definitions in this section apply to sections 103B.211 to
    Subd. 2. Board. "Board" means the Board of Water and Soil Resources unless the context
indicates otherwise.
    Subd. 3. Capital improvement program. "Capital improvement program" means an
itemized program for at least a five year prospective period, and any amendments to it, subject to
at least biennial review, setting forth the schedule, timing, and details of specific contemplated
capital improvements by year, together with their estimated cost, the need for each improvement,
financial sources, and the financial effect that the improvements will have on the local government
unit or watershed management organization.
    Subd. 4. Groundwater plan. "Groundwater plan" means a county plan adopted under
section 103B.255.
    Subd. 5. Groundwater system. "Groundwater system" means one of the 14 principal
aquifers of the state as defined by the United States Geological Survey in the Water-Resources
Investigations 81-51, entitled "Designation of Principal Water Supply Aquifers in Minnesota"
(August 1981), and its revisions.
    Subd. 6. Local comprehensive plan. "Local comprehensive plan" has the meaning given it
in section 473.852, subdivision 5.
    Subd. 7. Local government unit. "Local government unit" or "local unit" has the meaning
given it in section 473.852.
    Subd. 8. Metropolitan area. "Metropolitan area" has the meaning given in section 473.121,
subdivision 2
    Subd. 9. Minor watershed units. "Minor watershed units" means the drainage areas
identified and delineated as such pursuant to Laws 1977, chapter 455, section 33, subdivision 7,
paragraph (a).
    Subd. 10. Official controls. "Official controls" has the meaning given it in section 473.852.
    Subd. 10a. State review agencies. "State review agencies" means the commissioners of
natural resources, the Pollution Control Agency, agriculture, and health.
    Subd. 10b. Subwatershed unit. "Subwatershed unit" means a hydrologic area less than the
entire area under the jurisdiction of a watershed management organization.
    Subd. 11. Watershed. "Watershed" means a drainage area having boundaries which are
substantially coterminous with those of an aggregation of contiguous minor watershed units
possessing similar drainage patterns and which cross the borders of two or more local government
    Subd. 12. Watershed district. "Watershed district" means a district established under
chapter 103D.
    Subd. 13. Watershed management organization. "Watershed management organization" or
"organization" means a watershed district wholly within the metropolitan area or a joint powers
entity established wholly or partly within the metropolitan area by special law or by agreement
that performs some or all of the functions of a watershed district for a watershed and that has
the characteristics and the authority specified under section 103B.211. Lake improvement or
conservation districts are not watershed management organizations.
History: 1990 c 391 art 2 s 6; 1990 c 601 s 7; 1995 c 184 s 1,31

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes