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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

617.25 Indecent articles and information.

Every person who shall sell, lend, or give away, or in any manner exhibit, or offer to sell, lend, or give away, or have in possession with intent to sell, lend, give away, or advertise or offer for sale, loan, or distribution, any instrument or article, or any drug or medicine for causing unlawful abortion; or shall write or print, or cause to be written or printed, a card, circular, pamphlet, advertisement, or notice of any kind, or shall give oral information, stating when, where, how, or whom, or by what means such article or medicine can be obtained or who manufactures it, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor and punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than $3,000 or by both.

HIST: (10188) RL s 4955; 1965 c 395 s 1; 1984 c 628 art 3 s 11; 1986 c 444