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488A.20 Administrator; other employees.

Subdivision 1. Appointment, term, removal, suspension. (a) A majority of the judges shall appoint an administrator of the court.

(b) The court shall have employees, consisting of those persons employed in the municipal courts of the cities of New Brighton, Roseville, Maplewood, North Saint Paul, White Bear Lake and Saint Paul, as of December 31, 1974.

(c) Additional employees may be appointed by the administrator with the approval of the majority of the judges when the county board consents to the creation of such new positions.

(d) The administrator and other employees of the court, exclusive of court reporters, shall each be appointed for a term of six years from the date of appointment. At any time within six months from the date of initial appointment, each may be removed and the appointment terminated, with or without cause and without notice or hearing, by the appointing official or officials. At any time, each may be suspended by the appointing official or officials without pay for a period not to exceed 30 days with or without cause pending a hearing for removal and termination of appointment for cause before the appointing official or officials.

(e) The administrator and all other employees of the court shall be in the unclassified service of the county of Ramsey.

Subd. 2. Oath, bond. (a) The administrator and other employees of the court shall each take and subscribe an oath to support the Constitutions of the United States and the state of Minnesota and to perform faithfully the duties of office.

(b) The administrator and other employees of the court may not enter upon their official duties until their respective appointment and oath are filed with the county auditor.

Subd. 3. Powers and duties. (a) The administrator and other employees of the court may each administer oaths and affirmations and take acknowledgments.

(b) The administrator shall delegate and supervise the work of the other employees of the court. The administrator shall have all the powers and duties incident to the office of an administrator of a court of record or necessary to carry out the purposes of this act.

(c) The administrator shall make minutes, records and indices of all proceedings; enter all orders, judgments or sentences; issue all process; keep proper accounts; have custody of all court records; and tax all costs and disbursements.

(d) In the performance of all duties, the administrator is subject to the control and supervision of the judges.

Subd. 4. Disposition of fines, fees and other money; accounts. (a) Except as otherwise provided herein and except as otherwise provided by law, the administrator shall pay to the Ramsey County treasurer all fines and penalties collected by the administrator, all fees collected for administrator's services, all sums forfeited to the court as hereinafter provided, and all other money received by the administrator.

(b) The administrator of court shall for each fine or penalty, provide the county treasurer with the name of the municipality or other subdivision of government where the offense was committed and the total amount of the fines or penalties collected for each such municipality or other subdivision of government.

(c) The state of Minnesota and any governmental subdivision within the jurisdictional area of the municipal court herein established may present cases for hearing before said municipal court. In the event the court takes jurisdiction of a prosecution for the violation of a statute or ordinance by the state or a governmental subdivision other than a city or town in Ramsey county, all fines, penalties and forfeitures collected shall be paid over to the county treasurer except where a different disposition is provided by law, and the following fees shall be taxed to the state or governmental subdivision other than a city or town within Ramsey county which would be entitled to payment of the fines, forfeitures or penalties in any case, and shall be paid to the administrator of the court for disposing of the matter. The administrator shall deduct the fees from any fine collected for the state of Minnesota or a governmental subdivision other than a city or town within Ramsey County and transmit the balance in accordance with the law, and the deduction of the total of the fees each month from the total of all the fines collected is hereby expressly made an appropriation of funds for payment of the fees:

(1) In all cases where the defendant is brought into court and pleads guilty and is sentenced, or the matter is otherwise disposed of without a trial.....$5

(2) In arraignments where the defendant waives a preliminary examination.....$10

(3) In all other cases where the defendant stands trial or has a preliminary examination by the court.....$15

(4) The court shall have the authority to waive the collection of fees in any particular case.

(d) At the beginning of the first day of any month, the amount in the hands of the administrator which is owing to any municipality or county shall not exceed $5,000.

(e) On or before the last day of each month, the county treasurer shall pay over to the treasurer of the city of St. Paul two-thirds and to the treasurer of each other municipality or subdivision of government in Ramsey County one-half of all fines or penalties collected during the previous month from those imposed for offenses committed within the treasurer's municipality or subdivision of government in violation of a statute, an ordinance, charter provision, rule or regulation of a city. All other fines and forfeitures and all fees and costs collected by the county municipal court shall be paid to the treasurer of Ramsey County who shall dispense the same as provided by law.

(f) Amounts represented by checks issued by the administrator or received by the administrator which have not cleared by the end of the month may be shown on the monthly account as having been paid or received, subject to adjustment on later monthly accounts.

(g) The administrator may receive negotiable instruments in payment of fines, penalties, fees, or other obligations as conditional payments, and is not held accountable therefor but if collection in cash is made and then only to the extent of the net collection after deduction of the necessary expense of collection.

Subd. 5. Bail. (a) Any bail deposited with the administrator and not forfeited by court order shall be deemed abandoned and forfeited if the person entitled to refund does not file a written demand therefor within six months from the date of entitlement to refund.

(b) All sums collected by bail, bond or recognizance forfeited by court order or by abandonment shall be forthwith paid by the administrator to the Ramsey county treasurer.

(c) Any judge may order any bail, bond, or recognizance forfeited under this subdivision to be reinstated for cause and the administrator shall then refund accordingly. The Ramsey County treasurer shall reimburse the administrator if the administrator refunds the deposit upon such an order and obtains a receipt to be used as a voucher.

Subd. 6. Salaries. The administrator and other employees of the court shall be paid annual salaries pursuant to a schedule adopted by a majority of judges of the court and approved by the Ramsey County board of commissioners.

Subd. 7. Destruction of records. Files and records of the court may be destroyed in accordance with law.

Subd. 8. Revenues to general fund. In a judicial district under section 480.181, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), the county's share of all fines, forfeitures, fees, and statutory court costs must be paid to the commissioner of finance for deposit in the state treasury and credited to the general fund.

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