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488A.021 Judges.

Subdivision 1. Number of judges. There are 17 judges of the municipal court of the county of Hennepin.

Subd. 2. Qualifications and oath. Each judge shall be a person learned in the law who is admitted and qualified to practice in the Supreme Court of this state and is a resident of the county of Hennepin in this state. Before entering upon the duties of office, each judge shall take and subscribe an oath, in the form prescribed by law for judicial officers, and shall file that oath in the office of the county auditor.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1993 c 318 art 2 s 51

Subd. 4. Powers. The judges have the general powers of judges of courts of record and all powers necessary to effectuate the purposes of sections 488A.01 to 488A.17. Each judge may administer oaths and take and certify acknowledgments. Each judge is a conservator of the peace and has all powers and authority vested in it by statute or court rule.

Subd. 5. Contempt of court. Any judge has the power to punish for contempt of court by a fine not exceeding $100 or by imprisonment in the county jail or city workhouse not exceeding 90 days.

Subd. 6. Court rules. A majority of the judges may promulgate rules of court consistent with sections 488A.01 to 488A.17. Unless the rule forbids, a judge may waive its application.

Subd. 7. Repealed, 1977 c 432 s 49

Subd. 8. Salaries. Each judge shall be paid by the state an annual salary in the amount prescribed by section 15A.083. If a judge dies while in office, the amount of the judge's salary remaining unpaid for the month in which the death occurs shall be paid to the judge's estate. Each judge shall be paid expenses by the state in the same manner and amount as provided for judges of the district court in section 484.54.

Subd. 9. Retired judges, assignments. Upon the retirement of any judge of the municipal court of Hennepin County, the judge may, with the judge's consent, be appointed and assigned, by the then chief judge upon authorization of a majority of the municipal court judges, to hear any cause properly assignable to a judge of the municipal court of Hennepin County and act thereon with full powers of such a judge. When such retired judge undertakes such service, the retired judge shall be provided at the expense of the county a courtroom or hearing room for the purpose of holding court or hearings, to be paid for by the county, and shall be paid in addition to a retirement compensation and not affecting the amount thereof, the sum of $50 per diem for such additional service, together with travel pay in the sum of 12 cents per mile and the retired judge's actual expenses incurred in such service, said payment to be made in the same manner as the payment of salaries for district judges, on certification by the presiding or senior judge of the district or by the chief judge of the Supreme Court of the state of Minnesota.

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