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473.813 Cities, counties, towns; solid waste contracts.

Subdivision 1. For up to 30 years. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of law or charter, and in addition to the powers or authority granted by any other law or charter, a city, county, or town in the metropolitan area may directly negotiate and enter into contracts, for a term not to exceed 30 years, for the delivery of solid waste to a waste facility and the processing of solid waste. Contracts made by direct negotiations shall be approved by resolution adopted by the governing body of the city, county, or town.

Subd. 2. Review by director. Before a city, county, or town enters into any contract pursuant to subdivision 1 for a period of more than five years, the city, county, or town shall submit the proposed contract and a description of the proposed activities under the contract to the director for review and approval. The director shall approve the proposed contract if the director determines that the contract is consistent with the metropolitan policy plan, permits issued under section 473.823, and county reports or approved master plans. The director may consolidate the review of contracts submitted under this section with the review of related permit applications submitted under section 473.823 and for this purpose may delay the review required by this section.

HIST: 1976 c 179 s 16; 1980 c 564 art 10 s 10; 1995 c 247 art 2 s 41