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447.33 Powers.

Subdivision 1. Broad powers of district. Each hospital district created or reorganized under sections 447.31 to 447.37 has the powers necessary and convenient to acquire, improve, and run the hospital, nursing home facilities, and facilities described in section 447.45, subdivision 2, paragraph (b), as the hospital board finds expedient. The list of powers in this section does not restrict the power of the board. It may take any action reasonably necessary or convenient to further the purpose for which the district exists which is not otherwise prohibited by law.

Subd. 2. Specific powers. Specifically, every district, acting through its hospital board, may:

(1) employ nursing, administrative, and other personnel, legal counsel, engineers, architects, accountants, and other qualified persons, who may be paid for their services by monthly salaries, hourly wages, and pension benefits, or by any fees agreed on;

(2) have reports, plans, studies, and recommendations prepared;

(3) lease, purchase, and contract for the purchase of real and personal property by option, contract for deed, conditional sales contract, or otherwise, and acquire real or personal property by gift;

(4) lease or construct, equip, furnish, and maintain necessary buildings and grounds;

(5) adopt, by resolution, rules for the operation and administration of the hospital and nursing home facilities under its control, and for the admission of patients;

(6) impose by resolution, and collect, charges for services and facilities provided and made available by it;

(7) levy taxes as prescribed in section 447.34;

(8) borrow money and issue bonds as prescribed in sections 447.345 and 447.35;

(9) buy liability insurance for the district or its officers and employees or both, for torts committed within the scope of their official duties, whether governmental or proprietary, and against damage to or destruction of any of its facilities, equipment, or other property;

(10) sell or lease its facilities or equipment as it finds expedient;

(11) have its accounts, books, vouchers, and funds audited by competent public accountants; and

(12) enter into agreements with a city or county with respect to the facilities described in section 447.45, subdivision 2, that are attached or related to a nursing home, are providing supportive services to elderly persons who are not yet in need of nursing home care, including congregate housing, adult day care, and respite care services, and are owned or operated by the city or county.

HIST: 1959 c 570 s 3; 1987 c 229 art 10 s 1; 1997 c 94 s 1

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Revisor of Statutes