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253B.17 Release; judicial determination.

Subdivision 1. Petition. Any patient, except one committed as a person who is mentally ill and dangerous to the public or as a sexually dangerous person or person with a sexual psychopathic personality as provided in section 253B.18, subdivision 3, or any interested person may petition the committing court or the court to which venue has been transferred for an order that the patient is not in need of continued care and treatment or for an order that an individual is no longer a person who is mentally ill, mentally retarded, or chemically dependent, or for any other relief. A patient committed as a person who is mentally ill or mentally ill and dangerous may petition the committing court or the court to which venue has been transferred for a hearing concerning the administration of neuroleptic medication.

Subd. 2. Notice of hearing. Upon the filing of the petition, the court shall fix the time and place for the hearing on it. Ten days' notice of the hearing shall be given to the county attorney, the patient, patient's counsel, the person who filed the initial commitment petition, the head of the treatment facility, and other persons as the court directs. Any person may oppose the petition.

Subd. 3. Examiners. The court shall appoint an examiner and, at the patient's request, shall appoint a second examiner of the patient's choosing to be paid for by the county at a rate of compensation to be fixed by the court. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the examiners shall file a report with the court not less than 48 hours prior to the hearing under this section.

Subd. 4. Evidence. The patient, patient's counsel, the petitioner and the county attorney shall be entitled to be present at the hearing and to present and cross-examine witnesses, including examiners. The court may hear any relevant testimony and evidence which is offered at the hearing.

Subd. 5. Order. Upon completion of the hearing, the court shall enter an order stating its findings and decision and mail it to the head of the treatment facility.

HIST: 1982 c 581 s 17; 1986 c 444; 1988 c 689 art 2 s 120; 1990 c 568 art 5 s 32; 1995 c 189 s 7; 1997 c 217 art 1 s 84,85; 1999 c 118 s 2; 2002 c 221 s 28

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