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237.772 Cost study methodology.

Subdivision 1. Total service long-run incremental cost. (a) For purposes of this chapter, total service long-run incremental cost (TSLRIC) means the total cost to the company of supplying a service, group of services, or basic network function. The term "long-run" means a period of time sufficient so that all inputs are avoidable based on the total increment of service, group of services, or basic network function and includes the relevant costs resulting from the company's decision to provide the service, group of services, or basic network function, holding constant the production levels of all other services, groups of services, or basic network functions provided by the company.

(b) A telephone company is not required to prepare or file TSLRIC or variable cost studies for all of its services as a prerequisite to filing a plan. However, the commission may order cost studies to be prepared for specific services as a condition of approval of the plan.

Subd. 2. Petition for variable cost study. To the extent that this section or the commission may require a company to provide a TSLRIC study, a company may submit a petition to the commission for permission to submit a variable cost study instead of a TSLRIC study. The commission shall grant the petition if the telephone company demonstrates:

(1) that a TSLRIC study is burdensome in relation to its annual revenue from the service involved;

(2) in the case of an existing service, that the service is no longer being offered to new customers; or

(3) if the telephone company shows other good cause.

HIST: 1995 c 156 s 19,25; 2003 c 97 s 2

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