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2.031 Apportionment.

Subdivision 1. Legislative districts. The representatives in the senate and house of representatives are apportioned throughout the state in 67 senate districts and 134 house districts. Each senate district is entitled to elect one senator and each house district is entitled to elect one representative.

Subd. 2. Definition. The terms "county," "town," "township," "city," "ward," "precinct," "census tract," "block," and "unorganized territory" when used in a description of a legislative district in sections 2.043 to 2.703, mean a geographical area established as such by law and as it existed for purposes of the 1990 federal census.

HIST: Ex1966 c 1 s 2; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1983 c 191 s 4; 1991 c 246 s 1; 1994 c 612 s 1

* NOTE: The legislative districts in sections 2.043 to 2.703 *are superseded by the order of the Minnesota Special *Redistricting Panel in Zachman v. Kiffmeyer, No. CO-01-160 *(March 19, 2002).