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19.56 Public nuisances; destruction of bees.

Apiaries whose owners or operators have not eliminated, treated, or controlled bee diseases, exotic parasites, or Africanized honeybees within the time specified and in the manner ordered by the commissioner, as provided in section 19.55; and colonies of bees, queen nuclei, or shipments of used bee equipment which entered this state in violation of section 19.58 are a public nuisance. The commissioner, after written notice to the owner or operator of the bees and equipment, may destroy, by burning or otherwise, without any remuneration to the owner, infected or infested bees, hives, or used bee equipment which are a public nuisance under this section. The notice may be served by handing a copy to the owner or operator or by registered or certified mail addressed to the last known address of the owner or operator of the apiary.

HIST: 1983 c 31 s 7; 1984 c 517 s 2; 1986 c 444; 1993 c 233 s 4