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18.81 Duties of inspectors.

Subdivision 1. County agricultural inspectors. It is the duty of county agricultural inspectors:

(1) to see that sections 18.76 to 18.88 and rules adopted under those sections are carried out within their jurisdiction;

(2) to see that sections 21.80 to 21.92 and rules adopted under those sections are carried out within their jurisdiction;

(3) to see that sections 21.71 to 21.78 and rules adopted under those sections are carried out within their jurisdiction;

(4) to participate in the control programs for feed, fertilizer, pesticide, and insect pests when requested, in writing, to do so by the commissioner;

(5) to participate in other agricultural programs under the control of the commissioner when requested to do so, subject to veto by the county board;

(6) to administer the distribution of funds allocated by the county board to the county agricultural inspector for noxious weed control and eradication within the county;

(7) to submit reports and attend meetings that the commissioner requires; and

(8) to publish a general weed notice of the legal duty to control noxious weeds in one or more legal newspapers of general circulation throughout the county.

Subd. 2. Local weed inspectors. Local weed inspectors shall:

(1) examine all lands, including highways, roads, alleys, and public ground in the territory over which their jurisdiction extends to ascertain if section 18.78 and related rules have been complied with;

(2) see that the control or eradication of noxious weeds is carried out in accordance with section 18.83 and related rules; and

(3) issue permits in accordance with section 18.82 and related rules for the transportation of materials or equipment infested with noxious weed propagating parts.

Subd. 3. Nonperformance by inspectors; reimbursement for expenses. If local weed inspectors neglect or fail to do their duty as prescribed in this section, the county agricultural inspector shall issue a notice to the inspector providing instructions on how and when to do their duty. If, after the time allowed in the notice, the local weed inspector has not complied as directed, the county agricultural inspector may perform the duty for the local weed inspector. A claim for the expense of doing the local weed inspector's duty is a legal charge against the municipality in which the inspector has jurisdiction. The county agricultural inspector doing the work may file an itemized statement of costs with the clerk of the municipality in which the work was performed. The municipality shall immediately issue proper warrants to the county for the work performed. If the municipality fails to issue the warrants, the county auditor may include the amount contained in the itemized statement of costs as part of the next annual tax levy in the municipality and withhold that amount from the municipality in making its next apportionment.

HIST: 1992 c 500 s 7; 2003 c 128 art 3 s 21,22

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