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151.47 Wholesale drug distributor licensing requirements.

Subdivision 1. Requirements. All wholesale drug distributors are subject to the requirements in paragraphs (a) to (f).

(a) No person or distribution outlet shall act as a wholesale drug distributor without first obtaining a license from the board and paying the required fee.

(b) No license shall be issued or renewed for a wholesale drug distributor to operate unless the applicant agrees to operate in a manner prescribed by federal and state law and according to the rules adopted by the board.

(c) The board may require a separate license for each facility directly or indirectly owned or operated by the same business entity within the state, or for a parent entity with divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliate companies within the state, when operations are conducted at more than one location and joint ownership and control exists among all the entities.

(d) As a condition for receiving and retaining a wholesale drug distributor license issued under sections 151.42 to 151.51, an applicant shall satisfy the board that it has and will continuously maintain:

(1) adequate storage conditions and facilities;

(2) minimum liability and other insurance as may be required under any applicable federal or state law;

(3) a viable security system that includes an after hours central alarm, or comparable entry detection capability; restricted access to the premises; comprehensive employment applicant screening; and safeguards against all forms of employee theft;

(4) a system of records describing all wholesale drug distributor activities set forth in section 151.44 for at least the most recent two-year period, which shall be reasonably accessible as defined by board regulations in any inspection authorized by the board;

(5) principals and persons, including officers, directors, primary shareholders, and key management executives, who must at all times demonstrate and maintain their capability of conducting business in conformity with sound financial practices as well as state and federal law;

(6) complete, updated information, to be provided to the board as a condition for obtaining and retaining a license, about each wholesale drug distributor to be licensed, including all pertinent corporate licensee information, if applicable, or other ownership, principal, key personnel, and facilities information found to be necessary by the board;

(7) written policies and procedures that assure reasonable wholesale drug distributor preparation for, protection against, and handling of any facility security or operation problems, including, but not limited to, those caused by natural disaster or government emergency, inventory inaccuracies or product shipping and receiving, outdated product or other unauthorized product control, appropriate disposition of returned goods, and product recalls;

(8) sufficient inspection procedures for all incoming and outgoing product shipments; and

(9) operations in compliance with all federal requirements applicable to wholesale drug distribution.

(e) An agent or employee of any licensed wholesale drug distributor need not seek licensure under this section.

(f) A wholesale drug distributor shall file with the board an annual report, in a form and on the date prescribed by the board, identifying all payments, honoraria, reimbursement or other compensation authorized under section 151.461, clauses (3) to (5), paid to practitioners in Minnesota during the preceding calendar year. The report shall identify the nature and value of any payments totaling $100 or more, to a particular practitioner during the year, and shall identify the practitioner. Reports filed under this provision are public data.

Subd. 2. Requirements must conform with federal law. All requirements set forth in this section shall conform to wholesale drug distributor licensing guidelines formally adopted by the United States Food and Drug Administration; and in case of conflict between a wholesale drug distributor licensing requirement imposed by the board and a Food and Drug Administration wholesale drug distributor guideline, the latter shall control.

HIST: 1990 c 526 s 10; 1990 c 568 art 2 s 25; 1993 c 345 art 5 s 12

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Revisor of Statutes