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642.07 Chief of police, marshal; duties.

The chief of police or statutory city marshal, as the case may be, shall cause every lockup under the chief's or marshal's care, and the bedding therein, to be kept clean, wholesome, and free from vermin. The lockup shall be kept in good repair and maintained so as to protect the health, comfort, safety and well being of inmates and staff. Each chief of police or marshal shall keep a permanent record of all persons committed to the lockup, and all persons admitted as lodgers therein, in the form prescribed by the commissioner of corrections. Any peace officer placing a person in the lockup shall report immediately to the officer's superior concerning the fact of the placement.

HIST: (10881) RL s 5489; 1955 c 491 s 3; 1959 c 263 s 2; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1980 c 602 s 13; 1985 c 113 s 3

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Revisor of Statutes