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525.051 Temporary assignment of judges.

Whenever by reason of disqualification, absence, illness, incapacity or other cause, the probate judge of any county is unable to act, or whenever the interest of the public or of any person interested in any matter requires that such probate judge should not act, any other probate judge, or probate judge who has retired as a probate judge, and who consents so to act, may be assigned to serve and discharge the duties of such probate judge in the judge's stead at such times or for such purposes as may be directed by order of such probate judge or in the event of death or refusal, failure, or inability so to order as determined by the chief judge of the district court of the judicial district in which the county is situated, by order of such chief judge. Any probate judge or retired probate judge temporarily assigned to serve and discharge the duties of the probate judge in such other county shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary mileage and expenses and may, when so ordered by such chief judge, be paid such additional compensation as such chief judge shall fix, but in no event shall any compensation so paid exceed the rate of compensation prescribed by law as the salary of the probate judge in the county in which said probate judge or retired probate judge is temporarily assigned. It shall be the duty of the county to which a probate judge or retired probate judge is temporarily assigned to make payment to such probate judge or retired probate judge of all amounts due under the provisions hereof for mileage, expenses or compensation.

Any substitute judge while acting in such capacity shall have all the power, authority, and jurisdiction of the resident judge, including juvenile, municipal or other jurisdiction conferred by law, irrespective of the nature of the jurisdiction of the substitute judge in the county from which called to serve.

HIST: (8992-8) 1935 c 72 s 8; Ex1959 c 60 s 1; 1961 c 267 s 1; 1986 c 444

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