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505.1792 Streets, roads, highways and rights-of-way.

Subdivision 1. Informal; for information. In order to give supplemental information to the public as to the location of streets, county roads, county state-aid highways, town roads, and other transportation corridors, and the right-of-way thereof, the governing body of any city, town, or county may file for record in the office of the county recorder and the registrar of titles of said county such maps or plats showing such information as the governing body shall determine necessary. The map or plat shall be subscribed by the mayor or chair of the governing body and the county surveyor, together with a certified copy of the resolution of the governing body setting forth the necessity for said plat, and shall be entitled to record without compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Any amendments, alterations, or vacations of such maps or plats so filed may be entitled to record in like manner.

Subd. 2. Requirements. Said plats shall be uniform in size measuring 20 by 30 inches from outer edge to outer edge. A border line shall be placed one-half inch inside the outer edges of the plat or map on the top, bottom, and right hand side; a border line shall be placed two inches inside the outer edge on the left hand side. A north arrow and scale of the plat shall be shown on the plat which scale shall be of such dimension that the plat may be easily interpreted. The plat may consist of more than one sheet but if more than one sheet, they shall be numbered progressively and match lines of the right-of-way shall be indicated on each sheet. An official and one or more identical copies of each plat shall be prepared in black on white mat photographic card stock with double cloth back mounting or material of equal quality. One exact reproducible copy of the official plat shall be prepared on linen tracing cloth by a photographic process or on material of equal quality. The plat on white card stock shall be labeled "Official Plat" and the reproducible copy shall be labeled "Reproducible Copy of Official Plat". The reproducible copy shall be compared with the official plat and certified to by the county recorder in the manner in which certified copies of records are issued in the recorder's office, and the copies shall be bound in a proper volume for the use of the general public. The official plat may be inspected by any member of the public but only in the presence of the county recorder or the registrar of titles or a deputy. Any member of the public may have made a copy of the official plat by paying to the proper officer the cost of reproduction together with a fee of 50 cents for certification by the filing officer. Reproductions from the exact transparent reproducible copy shall be available to any person upon request and the cost of such reproductions shall be paid by the person making such request. If the abutting property is abstract property the plat shall be filed with the county recorder; if registered property, with the registrar of titles; if both registered and nonregistered property, then with both the county recorder and the registrar of titles, and when so filed with the registrar of titles , the registrar shall enter a reference to said plat as a memorial on all certificates of title of registered lands which abut the right-of-way shown on the map or plat filed.

In counties having microfilming capabilities, a plat may be prepared on sheets of suitable mylar or on linen tracing cloth by photographic process or on material of equal quality. The plat shall be labeled "Official Plat." Notwithstanding any other provisions of this subdivision to the contrary, no other copies of the plat need to be filed.

Subd. 3. When street plat prohibited. A city or town may not file a street plat for any street that is a county road or state highway, or carried designation as a county road or state highway at the time the plat is offered for filing.

Subd. 4. Not a title transfer. Maps or plats filed for record under this section shall not operate of themselves to transfer title to the property described but such maps or plats shall be for descriptive purposes and shall be notice that the municipality claims an interest in said lands.

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