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491A.03 Judges; administrator; reporter; supplies.

Subdivision 1. Judges; referees. The judges of district court shall serve as judges of conciliation court. In the Second and Fourth Judicial Districts, a majority of the judges of the district may appoint one or more suitable persons to act as referees in conciliation court; a majority of the judges of the district shall establish qualifications for the office, specify the duties and length of service of referees, and fix their compensation not to exceed an amount per day determined by the chief judge of the judicial district.

Subd. 2. Administrator. The court administrator of the district court shall serve as the court administrator of conciliation court. The court administrator shall account for and pay over to the appropriate official all fees received by the court administrator.

Subd. 3. Court reporter. Each court reporter appointed by a judge of district court shall, at the request of the judge, assist that judge in performing the judge's duties as conciliation court judge. A court reporter may not take official notes of any trial or proceedings in conciliation court.

Subd. 4. Quarters; supplies. The county in which the court is established shall provide suitable quarters for the court. Except as otherwise provided by law, all expenses for necessary blanks, stationery, books, furniture, furnishings, and other supplies for the use of the court and the officers of the court shall be included in the budget for the court administrator's office provided by the county board pursuant to section 485.018, subdivision 6.

HIST: 1993 c 192 s 98; 1993 c 321 s 4

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Revisor of Statutes