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488A.24 Petit jurors.

Subdivision 1. Selection; list. Before the first day of June in each year, the judges shall select from the electors of the county of Ramsey a list of persons properly qualified to serve as petit jurors and certify the list to the administrator of this court. If there be a deficiency of persons on the list, the judges may select from the electors of the county of Ramsey additional persons to cover the deficiency and certify and deliver to the administrator a supplementary list which shall thereafter stand as part of the original list. The validity of the selection is not affected by the fact that any person is disqualified from serving as a juror.

Subd. 2. Summoning. Petit jurors shall be drawn from such list and summoned as the judges direct. The administrator shall issue venires for the jurors drawn which shall be returnable on such dates and hours as the judges direct, and such venires shall be served by the sheriff of Ramsey County as jurors are served in the district court of Ramsey County.

Subd. 3. Failure to attend. Failure to attend as a juror when duly drawn and summoned is punishable as contempt of court.

Subd. 4. Special venire. When necessary, the court may issue a special venire.

Subd. 5. Compensation. Any juror so summoned, attending as aforesaid and accepted as a juror in this court, shall be entitled to receive as compensation the same amount as jurors in the district court, which shall be paid out of the county treasury of the county of Ramsey. The administrator of this court shall deliver to each juror a certificate showing the number of days in attendance and the mileage for which the juror is entitled to receive compensation. This certificate of the administrator shall be filed with the county auditor, who shall issue a warrant on the treasurer of the county for the amount due, which certificate shall be a proper and sufficient voucher for the issuance of such warrant.

Subd. 6. Court rule on selection. (a) If a court rule so providing is adopted by a majority of the judges of said district court and also by a majority of the judges of the municipal court, all petit jurors to serve in the municipal court of the county of Ramsey may be selected from the petit jurors summoned for jury service by the district court of Ramsey county.

(b) The rule may provide the manner in which jurors for the municipal court shall be selected from the jurors summoned by the district court and the period of time during which they shall serve in municipal court.

(c) The rule may be amended by a majority of the judges of the district court and a majority of the judges of the municipal court. It may be rescinded entirely at any time by a majority of the judges of either court.

(d) The rule may be made effective on any date and shall then supersede any jury list for municipal court theretofore in effect. If the rule be rescinded, the judges of the municipal court may reinstate any jury list drawn for that year by the judges of municipal court or prepare a new jury list.

(e) The petit jurors summoned for service in both courts shall have the same qualifications and shall be selected by the district court under the same procedure as is now provided by law for selecting jurors for service in the district court.

(f) Jurors shall report to and be excused, governed, instructed, and controlled by a judge of either the district court or the municipal court as provided in the court rule.

HIST: 1961 c 436 s 7; 1967 c 471 s 1,2; 1973 c 708 s 16,36; 1986 c 444

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