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Minnesota Legislature

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440.13 Council may vacate streets in cities of the fourth class.

In any city of the fourth class organized under a home rule charter, the council thereof shall have power by a majority vote of the council to vacate any street or highway, or any part of any street or highway therein, upon the petition of all the owners of lands abutting both sides of the street or highway, or part thereof, proposed to be vacated wherein one end of the street or highway, or part thereof proposed to be vacated does not connect with any other street or highway. If any part of the street or highway proposed to be vacated terminates at or abuts upon any public water, the petitioners shall serve notice of the petition by certified mail upon the commissioner of natural resources at least 30 days before the council hearing on the matter. The notice under this subdivision is for notification purposes only and does not create a right of intervention by the commissioner of natural resources. Except as herein provided all other provisions of the home rule charter shall apply to and govern the proceeding.

HIST: (1828-9 1/2) 1933 c 95 s 1; 1989 c 183 s 5