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332.24 Prohibitions.

A licensee shall not:

(1) purchase from a creditor any obligation of a debtor;

(2) use, threaten to use, seek to have used or seek to have threatened the use of any legal process, including but not limited to garnishment and repossession of personal property, against any debtor while the contract between the licensee and the debtor remains executory;

(3) advertise or make any statement or representation with regard to the rates, terms, or conditions of debt prorating service which is false, misleading or deceptive;

(4) require as a condition of performing debt prorating services nor shall the contract between the licensee and a debtor require the purchase of any services, stock, insurance, commodity or other property or any interest therein either by the debtor or the licensee;

(5) compromise any debts unless the prior written approval of the debtor has been obtained to such compromise and unless such compromise shall inure solely to the benefit of the debtor;

(6) receive from any debtor as security or in payment of any fee a promissory note or other promise to pay or any mortgage or other security, whether as to real or personal property;

(7) lend money or credit to any debtor if any interest or fee is charged;

(8) take any confession of judgment or power of attorney to confess judgment against the debtor or appear as the debtor in any judicial proceedings;

(9) take, concurrent with the signing of the contract, or as a part of the contract or as part of the application for the contract, a release of any obligation required to be performed on the part of the licensee;

(10) offer, pay or give any substantial cash fee, gift, bonus, premium, reward or other compensation to any person, other than an employee of the licensee for referring any prospective customer to the licensee;

(11) receive any cash, fee, gift, bonus, premium, reward, or other compensation from any person other than the debtor or a person in the debtor's behalf in connection with activities as a licensee; provided, however, that this paragraph shall not apply to a licensee which is a bona fide nonprofit corporation, duly organized under chapter 317A;

(12) enter into a contract with a debtor unless a thorough written budget analysis indicates that the debtor can reasonably meet the requirements of the financial adjustment plan and will be benefited by the plan;

(13) in any way charge or purport to charge or provide any debtor credit insurance in conjunction with any contract or agreement involved in the financial adjustment plan.

Any violation of the prohibitions contained in this section shall be cause for the suspension, revocation or refusal to renew a license pursuant to section 332.20 and shall also constitute a violation of the provisions of sections 332.12 to 332.29 to which the penalties prescribed in section 332.26 shall attach. In addition to such penalties any person attempting to perform a debt prorating service in this state without maintaining an office in this state shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000, as determined by the commissioner.

HIST: 1969 c 1120 s 13; 1971 c 441 s 9; 1986 c 444; 1989 c 304 s 137

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