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3.9222 Legislative Commission on the Economic Status of Women.

Subdivision 1. Creation. A legislative commission is created to study and report on the economic status of women in Minnesota.

Subd. 2. Members. The commission consists of five members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker and five members of the senate appointed by the committee on committees. Members serve until the expiration of their legislative terms.

Subd. 3. Duties. The commission shall study all matters relating to the economic status of women in Minnesota, including:

(1) economic security of homemakers and women in the labor force,

(2) opportunities for education and vocational training,

(3) employment opportunities,

(4) the contributions of women to the economy,

(5) women's access to benefits and services provided to citizens of this state, and

(6) laws and business practices constituting barriers to the full participation by women in the economy.

The commission shall study also the adequacy of programs and services relating to families in Minnesota, including single-parent families and members beyond the nuclear or immediate family.

Subd. 4. Reports. The commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the governor and the legislature by December 15 of each even-numbered year and supplement its findings and recommendations by December 15 of each odd-numbered year. The report shall recommend legislation and administrative action to enable women to achieve full participation in the economy. The report shall also recommend methods to encourage the development of coordinated, interdepartmental goals and objectives and the coordination of programs, services and facilities among all state departments and public and private providers of services related to children, youth and families.

Subd. 5. Meetings; officers. The commission may hold meetings and hearings at the times and places it designates to accomplish the purposes in this section. It shall select a chair and other officers from its membership as it deems necessary.

Subd. 6. Staff, office, services. The Legislative Coordinating Commission shall supply the commission with necessary staff, office space, and administrative services.

Subd. 7. Gifts, grants, loans. When any person, corporation, the United States government, or any other entity offers money to the commission by way of gift, grant, or loan, to assist the commission to carry out its powers and duties, the commission may accept the offer by majority vote. Upon acceptance, the chair shall receive the money subject to the terms of the offer, but no money shall be accepted or received as a loan nor indebtedness incurred except in the manner and under the limitations otherwise provided by law.

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