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281.12 Land held jointly.

When the land of any person is sold for taxes assessed conjointly on such land and the land of another person, and such other person shall not make a proportional payment, the person whose land is sold may redeem the same by paying the amount required to redeem, and may recover from such other person whose land was assessed conjointly a just proportion of the redemption money so paid, with interest from the time of such redemption. Such just proportion and interest shall be a lien upon the land of such other person so sold and, after expiration of the time allowed for redemption, may be collected out of such land by sale thereof, by foreclosure or other proper action or proceeding; provided, that the same shall not be a lien until the person paying the same, or the person's agent or attorney, shall make and file for record with the county recorder of the county where the land lies an affidavit, stating the amount paid for which such other person is liable, and that the payer claims a lien therefor.

HIST: (2162) RL s 955; 1976 c 181 s 2; 1986 c 444