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274.14 Length of session; record.

The county board of equalization or the special board of equalization appointed by it shall meet during the last ten meeting days in June. For this purpose, "meeting days" are defined as any day of the week excluding Saturday and Sunday. The board may meet on any ten consecutive meeting days in June, after the second Friday in June, if the actual meeting dates are contained on the valuation notices mailed to each property owner in the county under section 273.121. No action taken by the county board of review after June 30 is valid, except for corrections permitted in sections 273.01 and 274.01. The county auditor shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings and orders of the board. The record must be published like other proceedings of county commissioners. A copy of the published record must be sent to the commissioner of revenue, with the abstract of assessment required by section 274.16.

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