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253B.064 Court-ordered early intervention; preliminary procedures.

Subdivision 1. General. (a) An interested person may apply to the designated agency for early intervention of a proposed patient in the county of the patient's residence or presence. If the designated agency determines that early intervention may be appropriate, a prepetition screening report must be prepared pursuant to section 253B.07, subdivision 1. The county attorney may file a petition for early intervention following the procedures of section 253B.07, subdivision 2.

(b) The proposed patient is entitled to representation by counsel, pursuant to section 253B.03, subdivision 9. The proposed patient shall be examined by an examiner, and has the right to a second independent examiner, pursuant to section 253B.07, subdivisions 3 and 5.

Subd. 2. Prehearing examination; failure to appear. If a proposed patient fails to appear for the examination, the court may:

(1) reschedule the examination; or

(2) deem the failure to appear as a waiver of the proposed patient's right to an examination and consider the failure to appear when deciding the merits of the petition for early intervention.

Subd. 3. County option. Nothing in sections 253B.064 to 253B.066 requires a county to use early intervention procedures.

HIST: 1997 c 217 art 1 s 36

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Revisor of Statutes