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244.172 Challenge incarceration program; Phases I to III.

Subdivision 1. Phase I. Phase I of the program lasts at least six months. The offender must be confined in a state correctional facility designated by the commissioner and must successfully participate in all intensive treatment, education and work programs required by the commissioner. The offender must also submit on demand to random drug and alcohol testing at time intervals set by the commissioner. Throughout phase I, the commissioner must severely restrict the offender's telephone and visitor privileges.

Subd. 2. Phase II. Phase II of the program lasts at least six months. The offender shall serve this phase of the offender's sentence in an intensive supervision and surveillance program established by the commissioner. The commissioner may impose such requirements on the offender as are necessary to carry out the goals of the program. Throughout phase II, the offender must be required to submit to drug and alcohol tests randomly or for cause, on demand of the supervising agent. The commissioner shall also require the offender to report daily to a challenge incarceration agent or program staff.

Subd. 3. Phase III. Phase III continues until the commissioner determines that the offender has successfully completed the program or until the offender's sentence, minus jail credit, expires, whichever comes first. If an offender successfully completes phase III of the challenge incarceration program before the offender's sentence expires, the offender shall be placed on supervised release for the remainder of the sentence. The commissioner shall set the level of the offender's supervision based on the public risk presented by the offender.

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