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16A.72 Income credited to general fund; exceptions.

All income, including fees or receipts of any nature, shall be credited to the general fund, except:

(1) federal aid;

(2) contributions, or reimbursements received for any account of any division or department for which an appropriation is made by law;

(3) income to the University of Minnesota;

(4) income to revolving funds now established in institutions under the control of the commissioners of corrections or human services;

(5) investment earnings resulting from the master lease program, except that the amount credited to another fund or account may not exceed the amount of the additional expense incurred by that fund or account through participation in the master lease program;

(6) investment earnings resulting from any gift, donation, devise, endowment, trust, or court ordered or approved escrow account or trust fund, which should be credited to the fund or account and appropriated for the purpose for which it was received;

(7) receipts from the operation of patients' and inmates' stores and vending machines, which shall be deposited in the social welfare fund in each institution for the benefit of the patients and inmates;

(8) money received in payment for services of inmate labor employed in the industries carried on in the state correctional facilities which receipts shall be credited to the current expense fund of those facilities;

(9) as provided in sections 16B.57 and 85.22;

(10) income to the Minnesota Historical Society;

(11) the percent of income collected by a private collection agency and retained by the collection agency as its collection fee; or

(12) as otherwise provided by law.

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Revisor of Statutes