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168.705 Vehicle conditional sales installment contract; examination, special investigation, cost assessment.

(a) For the purpose of discovering violations of sections 168.66 to 168.77 or securing information lawfully required by the administrator hereunder, the administrator may, at any time, either personally or by a person or persons duly designated by the administrator, investigate the conditional sales contracts and business related to the conditional sales contracts and examine the books, accounts, records, and files used therein, of every licensee, assignee of the licensee, and of every person who shall be engaged in the business of a sales finance company, including the retail seller and assignee of the retail seller, whether the person shall act as principal or agent, or under or without the authority of sections 168.66 to 168.77. For that purpose, the administrator and the administrator's duly designated representative shall have free access to the offices and places of business, books, accounts, papers, records, files, safes, and vaults of all these persons. The administrator and all persons duly designated by the administrator shall have authority to require the attendance of and to examine, under oath, all persons whomsoever whose testimony the administrator may require relative to the conditional sales contract or the business or to the subject matter of any examination, investigation, or hearing.

(b) The administrator may make an examination of the affairs, business, office, and records of licensees, and of other persons subject to examination under this section, as often as considered necessary. The administrator may assess a fee covering the necessary costs of an examination or special investigation under this section, section 168.69, or reports filed under section 168.706. The fee is payable to the administrator on the administrator's request for payment. The administrator may maintain an action for the recovery of the costs in any court of competent jurisdiction.

HIST: 1971 c 398 s 1; 1981 c 220 s 16; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 349 art 2 s 9; 1996 c 414 art 1 s 32