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168.2701 Liability of lessors for unpaid traffic fines.

When a motor vehicle lessor, licensed under section 168.27, subdivision 2, 3, or 4, is issued a traffic violation citation for a violation committed by a lessee while operating the leased or rented vehicle, the lessor shall convey to the issuing authority within 15 days of the lessor receiving knowledge of the traffic violation, information to the extent available, including the driver's full name, home address, local address, if any, license number, employer's name and address, post office box, and form of payment. Upon compliance with this section, the lessor is not liable for the amount of fine, penalty assessment, late payment penalty, or cost of warrants issued in connection with the violation. However, action on the part of the issuing authority relieving the lessor of liability does not absolve the person incurring the violation of responsibility for the infraction.

HIST: 1986 c 332 s 1