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168.15 Rights as to registration certificate and plates.

Subdivision 1. Transfer of ownership. (a) Upon the transfer of ownership, destruction, theft, dismantling, or permanent removal by the owner from this state of any motor vehicle registered in accordance with this chapter, the right of the owner of the vehicle to use the registration certificate and number plates assigned to the vehicle expires.

(b) When the ownership of a motor vehicle is transferred to another resident of this state, the transferor shall surrender the registration plates, unless otherwise provided for in this chapter, and assign the registration tax paid to the credit of the transferee.

(c) When seeking to become the owner by gift, trade, or purchase of any vehicle for which a registration certificate has been issued under this chapter, a person shall join with the registered owner in transmitting with the application the registration certificate, with the assignment and notice of sale duly executed upon the reverse side, or, in case of loss of the certificate, with proof of loss by sworn statement, in writing, and satisfactory to the registrar. Upon the transfer of any motor vehicle by a manufacturer or dealer, for use within the state, whether by sale, lease, or otherwise, the manufacturer or dealer shall, within ten days after the transfer, file with the registrar a notice or report containing the date of transfer, a description of the motor vehicle, and the transferee's name, street and number of residence, if in a city, and post office address, and shall also transmit with it the transferee's application for registration.

Subd. 2. Transfer of engine. Upon the transfer of any automobile engine or motor, except a new engine or motor, transferred with intent that the same be installed in a new automobile, and whether such transfer be made by a manufacturer or dealer, or otherwise, and whether by sale, lease or otherwise, the transferor shall, within two days after such transfer, file with the registrar a notice or report containing the date of such transfer and a description, together with the maker's number of the engine or motor, and the name and post office address of the purchaser, lessee, or other transferee.

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