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148.65 Definitions.

Subdivision 1. Physical therapy. As used in sections 148.65 to 148.78 the term "physical therapy" means the evaluation or treatment or both of any person by the employment of physical measures and the use of therapeutic exercises and rehabilitative procedures, with or without assistive devices, for the purpose of preventing, correcting, or alleviating a physical or mental disability. Physical measures shall include but shall not be limited to heat or cold, air, light, water, electricity and sound. Physical therapy includes evaluation other than medical diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment, documentation, performance of appropriate tests and measurement, interpretation of orders or referrals, instruction, consultative services, and supervision of supportive personnel. "Physical therapy" does not include the practice of medicine as defined in section 147.081, or the practice of chiropractic as defined in section 148.01.

Subd. 2. Physical therapist. "Physical therapist" means a person who practices physical therapy as defined in sections 148.65 to 148.78.

HIST: 1951 c 479 s 1; 1980 c 412 s 1; 1985 c 182 s 1; 1987 c 384 art 2 s 1

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