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125A.32 Individualized family service plan.

(a) A team must participate in IFSP meetings to develop the IFSP. The team shall include:

(1) a parent or parents of the child;

(2) other family members, as requested by the parent, if feasible to do so;

(3) an advocate or person outside of the family, if the parent requests that the person participate;

(4) the service coordinator who has been working with the family since the initial referral, or who has been designated by the public agency to be responsible for implementation of the IFSP; and

(5) a person or persons involved in conducting evaluations and assessments.

(b) The IFSP must include:

(1) information about the child's developmental status;

(2) family information, with the consent of the family;

(3) major outcomes expected to be achieved by the child and the family that include the criteria, procedures, and timelines;

(4) specific early intervention services necessary to meet the unique needs of the child and the family to achieve the outcomes;

(5) payment arrangements, if any;

(6) medical and other services that the child needs, but that are not required under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act, United States Code, title 20, section 1471 et seq. (Part C, Public Law 102-119) including funding sources to be used in paying for those services and the steps that will be taken to secure those services through public or private sources;

(7) dates and duration of early intervention services;

(8) name of the service coordinator;

(9) steps to be taken to support a child's transition from early intervention services to other appropriate services; and

(10) signature of the parent and authorized signatures of the agencies responsible for providing, paying for, or facilitating payment, or any combination of these, for early intervention services.

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