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123A.39 Employees of cooperating and combining districts.

Subdivision 1. Combined seniority list. During the school year before the cooperation begins and during the school years of cooperation, the districts shall comply with section 123A.32, subdivision 4, unless compatible plans are negotiated according to section 123A.32, subdivision 3. The districts shall comply with section 123A.75.

Subd. 2. Nonlicensed employees termination. If compatible plans are not negotiated according to section 123A.36, subdivision 5, the boards shall comply with this subdivision with respect to nonlicensed employees. Nonlicensed employees whose positions are discontinued as a result of cooperation or combination, as applicable, shall be:

(1) employed by a cooperating board or the combined board, if possible;

(2) assigned to work in a cooperating district or the combined district, if possible; or

(3) terminated in the inverse order in which they were employed in a district, according to a combined seniority list of nonlicensed employees in the cooperating or combined district, as applicable.

Subd. 3. Retirement and severance levy. A cooperating or combined district that levied under Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 124.2725, subdivision 3, for taxes payable in 1995 may levy for severance pay or early retirement incentives for licensed and nonlicensed employees who retire early as a result of the cooperation or combination.

Subd. 4. Employment laws. Unless otherwise explicitly provided, chapter 179A governs the rights and duties of employers and employees. Either party may promptly submit questions of procedure, interpretation, or application to the commissioner of mediation services.

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