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48.21 Real estate; restrictions on holding.

Subdivision 1. A bank may purchase, carry as an asset, and convey real estate only:

(1) as provided for in section 47.10;

(2) if acquired through foreclosure of a mortgage given to it in good faith as security for loans made by or money due to it;

(3) if conveyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in good faith in the course of its dealings;

(4) if acquired by sale on execution or judgment of a court in its favor; or

(5) if reasonably necessary to mitigate or avoid loss on a loan or investment theretofore made.

Real estate acquired under clauses (2) to (5) shall be carried as an asset only in accordance with rules the commissioner prescribes.

Subd. 2. Real estate owned by a bank as a result of actions authorized in clauses (2) to (5) of subdivision 1 and subsequently sold to any buyer on a contract for deed may not be considered creating a liability to a bank for purposes of section 48.24.

Subd. 3. Notwithstanding any rules of the commissioner to the contrary, if real estate owned by a bank pursuant to clauses (2) to (5) of subdivision 1 is not sold or otherwise disposed of within the maximum period established by rule by the commissioner, the bank may write off any remaining balance at a rate not less than one-fifth of that balance each subsequent calendar year.

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