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38.02 Aid, distribution.

Subdivision 1. Pro rata distribution; conditions. (1) Money appropriated to aid county and district agricultural societies and associations shall be distributed among all county and district agricultural societies or associations in the state pro rata, upon condition that each of them has complied with the conditions specified in clause (2).

(2) To be eligible to participate in such distribution, each such agricultural society or association (a) shall have held an annual fair for each of the three years last past, unless prevented from doing so because of a calamity or an epidemic declared by the board of health as defined in section 145A.02, subdivision 2, or the state commissioner of health to exist; (b) shall have an annual membership of 25 or more; (c) shall have paid out to exhibitors for premiums awarded at the last fair held a sum not less than the amount to be received from the state; (d) shall have published and distributed not less than three weeks before the opening day of the fair a premium list, listing all items or articles on which premiums are offered and the amounts of such premiums and shall have paid premiums pursuant to the amount shown for each article or item to be exhibited; provided that premiums for school exhibits may be advertised in the published premium list by reference to a school premium list prepared and circulated during the preceding school year; and shall have collected all fees charged for entering an exhibit at the time the entry was made and in accordance with schedule of entry fees to be charged as published in the premium list; (e) shall have paid not more than one premium on each article or item exhibited, excluding championship or sweepstake awards, and excluding the payment of open class premium awards to 4H Club exhibits which at this same fair had won a first prize award in regular 4H Club competition; (f) shall have submitted its records and annual report to the commissioner of agriculture on a form provided by the commissioner of agriculture, on or before the first day of November of the current year.

(3) All payments authorized under the provisions of this chapter shall be made only upon the presentation by the commissioner of agriculture with the commissioner of finance of a statement of premium allocations. As used herein the term premium shall mean the cash award paid to an exhibitor for the merit of an exhibit of livestock, livestock products, grains, fruits, flowers, vegetables, articles of domestic science, handicrafts, hobbies, fine arts, and articles made by school pupils, or the cash award paid to the merit winner of events such as 4H Club or Future Farmer Contest, Youth Group Contests, school spelling contests and school current events contests, the award corresponding to the amount offered in the advertised premium list referred to in schedule 2. Payments of awards for horse races, ball games, musical contests, talent contests, parades, and for amusement features for which admission is charged, are specifically excluded from consideration as premiums within the meaning of that term as used herein. Upon receipt of the statement by the commissioner of agriculture, it shall be the duty of the commissioner of finance to draw a voucher in favor of the agricultural society or association for the amount to which it is entitled under the provisions of this chapter, which amount shall be computed as follows: On the first $750 premiums paid by each society or association, such society or association shall receive 100 percent reimbursement; on the second $750 premiums paid, 80 percent; on the third $750 premiums paid, 60 percent; and on any sum in excess of $2,250, 40 percent.

(4) If the total amount of state aid to which the agricultural societies and associations are entitled under the provisions of this chapter exceeds the amount of the appropriation therefor, the amounts to which the societies or associations are entitled shall be prorated so that the total payments by the state will not exceed the appropriation.

Subd. 1a. Premiums for certain livestock and livestock products. A livestock and livestock product exhibit for which a premium may be paid pursuant to subdivision 1, paragraph 3, includes, but is not limited to, livestock exhibited live on the association or society grounds and the carcass of the same animal exhibited later at a place of slaughter off the association or society grounds.

Subd. 2. Accounting; commissioner of agriculture, duties. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of agriculture to prescribe uniform forms and methods of accounting to be used by agricultural societies, and associations.

Subd. 3. Certification, commissioner of agriculture. Any county or district agricultural society which has held its second annual fair is entitled to share pro rata in the distribution. The commissioner of agriculture shall certify to the secretary of the state agricultural society, within 30 days after payments have been made, a list of all county or district agricultural societies that have complied with this chapter, and which are entitled to share in the appropriation. All payments shall be made within three months after the agricultural societies submitted their reports under subdivision 1, clause (2)(f).

Subd. 4. Poultry association or society; premiums aid. A poultry association or society that receives aid in payment of premiums at exhibitions of poultry shall not receive an amount greater than the annual premium paid to exhibitors by it and the amount of aid paid shall not in any case exceed the sum of $150 to any one county. A society or association to be entitled to its distributive share of aid to poultry associations shall file annually with the commissioner of agriculture by the first day of April of each year a sworn statement signed by the president or secretary of the association or society showing the amount of cash premiums paid during the year to exhibitors. The amount to be distributed to the society or association from the aid appropriation shall be based and determined upon the amount of cash premiums paid out as hereinbefore provided. Except as herein provided, where there is more than one association in a county, the amount allotted to the county, not exceeding $150, shall be distributed to the societies in equal amounts.

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