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115B.24 Tax administration and enforcement.

Subdivision 1. Annual returns. Every generator of hazardous waste subject to taxation pursuant to section 115B.22 shall file a return relating to the tax due for the preceding calendar year with the commissioner of revenue by April 15 each year, in the form prescribed by the commissioner. Payment of the tax, to the extent not paid in full pursuant to subdivisions 2 and 3, shall be submitted with the return.

Subd. 2. Declarations of estimated tax. For 1984 and subsequent years, every generator of hazardous waste required to pay a tax pursuant to section 115B.22 shall make a declaration of estimated hazardous waste generated for the calendar year if the tax can reasonably be expected to be in excess of $1,000. The declaration of estimated tax shall be filed by March 15. The amount of estimated tax with respect to which a declaration is required shall be paid in four equal installments on or before the 15th day of March, June, September, and December.

An amendment of a declaration may be filed in any interval between installment dates prescribed above but only one amendment may be filed in each interval. If an amendment of a declaration is filed, the amount of each remaining installment shall be the amount which would have been payable if the new estimate had been made when the first estimate for the calendar year was made, increased or decreased, as the case may be, by the amount computed by dividing

(1) the difference between (A) the amount of estimated tax required to be paid before the date on which the amendment was made, and (B) the amount of estimated tax which would have been required to be paid before that date if the new estimate had been made when the first estimate was made, by

(2) the number of installments remaining to be paid on or after the date on which the amendment is made.

The commissioner of revenue may grant a reasonable extension of time for filing any declaration but the extension shall not be for more than six months.

If the aggregate amount of estimated tax payments made during a fiscal year ending June 30 is equal to or exceeds $80,000, all estimated tax payments in the subsequent calendar year must be paid by electronic means.

Subd. 3. Failure to pay estimated tax. (a) In case of any underpayment of estimated tax required by this section, except as provided in clause (b), there shall be added to the tax for the taxable year an amount determined at the rate specified in section 270.75, subdivision 4, upon the amount of the underpayment for the period of the underpayment.

For purposes of this subdivision, the amount of the underpayment shall be the excess of

(1) the amount of the installment, over

(2) the amount, if any, of the installment paid on or before the last date prescribed for payment.

The period of the underpayment shall run from the date the installment was required to be paid to whichever of the following dates is the earlier:

(1) April 15, or

(2) With respect to any portion of the underpayment, the date on which the portion is paid. For purposes of this paragraph, a payment of estimated tax on any installment date shall be considered a payment of any previous underpayment only to the extent the payment exceeds the amount of the installment determined under this subdivision for the installment date.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of clause (a), the addition to the tax with respect to any underpayment of any installment shall not be imposed if the total amount of all payments of estimated tax made on or before the last date prescribed for the payment of the installment equals or exceeds the amount which would have been required to be paid on or before that date if the estimated tax were the lesser of:

(1) For 1985 and thereafter, the tax shown on the return of the taxpayer for the preceding year or, for 1984, twice the amount of the tax shown for 1983; or

(2) Eighty percent of the actual liability for the year.

Subd. 4. Refunds of overpayments of estimated tax. Refunds of overpayments of estimated tax shall be made as provided in section 289A.50.

Subd. 5. Exchange of information. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 116.075, the pollution control agency may provide the commissioner of revenue with the information necessary for the enforcement of section 115B.22 and this section. Information disclosed in a return filed pursuant to this section is public. Information exchanged between the commissioner and the agency is public unless the information is of the type determined to be for the confidential use of the agency pursuant to section 116.075 or is trade secret information classified pursuant to section 13.37. Information obtained in the course of an audit of the taxpayer by the department of revenue shall be nonpublic or private data to the extent that it is not directly divulged in a return of the tax.

Subd. 6. Payment by out-of-state generators. A generator of any hazardous waste which is generated outside of this state and is transported into this state for treatment or disposal shall pay the tax imposed by section 115B.22 at the first point at which the hazardous wastes are received by a person in this state for treatment or disposal. The tax shall be paid to the person who first receives the wastes in this state at the time the waste is received and shall be remitted by that person to the commissioner of revenue quarterly in the form and manner provided by the commissioner.

Subd. 7. Duties of the agency and metropolitan counties. The agency shall provide to the commissioner the names and addresses of all persons known to the agency who are subject to tax under section 115B.22, together with any information which the agency possesses concerning the amount of hazardous waste generated and disposed of by those persons. Metropolitan counties required to regulate hazardous wastes under section 473.811, subdivision 5b, shall provide to the agency the data and information necessary to allow the agency to carry out its duties under this subdivision. Upon request by the commissioner, the agency shall examine returns and reports filed with the commissioner and notify the commissioner of any suspected inaccurate or fraudulent declaration or return. The agency may assist in auditing any person subject to tax under section 115B.22 when requested by the commissioner.

Subd. 8. Penalties; enforcement. The audit, penalty and enforcement provisions applicable to taxes imposed under chapter 290 apply to the taxes imposed under section 115B.22 and those provisions shall be administered by the commissioner.

Subd. 9. Rules. The commissioner may adopt temporary and permanent rules necessary to implement the provisions of this section and section 115B.22.

Subd. 10. Repealed, 1993 c 375 art 9 s 50

HIST: 1983 c 121 s 24; 1989 c 335 art 4 s 41; 1990 c 480 art 1 s 46; 1991 c 291 art 17 s 1; 1993 c 172 s 70; 1Sp2001 c 5 art 17 s 1

* NOTE: See section 115B.241 for repealer.

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