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97A.205 Enforcement officer powers.

An enforcement officer is authorized to:

(1) execute and serve court issued warrants and processes relating to wild animals, wild rice, public waters, water pollution, conservation, and use of water, in the same manner as a constable or sheriff;

(2) enter any land to carry out the duties and functions of the division;

(3) make investigations of violations of the game and fish laws;

(4) take an affidavit, if it aids an investigation;

(5) arrest, without a warrant, a person who is detected in the actual violation of the game and fish laws, a provision of chapters 84, 84A, 84D, 85, 86A, 88 to 97C, 103E, 103F, 103G, sections 86B.001 to 86B.815, 89.51 to 89.61; or 609.66, subdivision 1, clauses (1), (2), (5), and (7); and 609.68; and

(6) take an arrested person before a court in the county where the offense was committed and make a complaint.

Nothing in this section grants an enforcement officer any greater powers than other licensed peace officers.

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Revisor of Statutes