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115A.55 Solid waste reduction.

Subdivision 1. Coordination. The director shall develop and coordinate solid waste reduction programs to include at least public education, promotion of waste reduction, and technical and financial assistance to solid waste generators.

Subd. 2. Technical assistance. The director shall provide technical assistance to solid waste generators to enable the waste generators to implement programs or methods to reduce the amount of solid waste generated. The director may use any means specified in section 115A.52 to provide technical assistance.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1996 c 470 s 29

Subd. 4. Statewide source reduction goal. (a) It is a goal of the state that there be a minimum ten percent per capita reduction in the amount of mixed municipal solid waste generated in the state by December 31, 2000, based on a reasonable estimate of the amount of mixed municipal solid waste that was generated in calendar year 1993.

(b) As part of the 1997 report required under section 115A.411, the director shall submit to the environment and natural resources committees of the senate and house of representatives, the finance division of the senate committee on environment and natural resources, and the house of representatives committee on environment and natural resources finance a proposed strategy for meeting the goal in paragraph (a). The strategy must include a discussion of the different reduction potentials to be found in various sectors and may include recommended interim goals. The director shall report progress on meeting the goal in paragraph (a), as well as recommendations and revisions to the proposed strategy, as part of the 1999 report required under section 115A.411.

HIST: 1Sp1989 c 1 art 20 s 5; 1994 c 639 art 5 s 3; 1995 c 247 art 1 s 10,11; 1996 c 470 s 27

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