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423A.03 Temporary provision; application to certain municipalities.

Any municipality in which is located a local police or salaried firefighters' relief association which is governed by section 69.77, and in which all newly hired police officers or firefighters, whichever is applicable, after a certain date are required by special law to have their retirement coverage provided by the public employees police and fire fund established pursuant to chapter 353, and not by the local police or firefighters' relief association, may have made applicable any other provisions of section 423A.01, by adopting by majority vote of the governing body, a resolution implementing those provisions of section 423A.01 which are not present in or which are in substantial conflict with the applicable special law modifying retirement coverage for new police officers or firefighters, whichever is applicable, other than the date of the modification in retirement coverage. Prior to becoming effective, a copy of the municipal resolution shall be filed with the secretary of state, the commissioner of finance, the commissioner of commerce and the executive director of the legislative commission on pensions and retirement. To be deemed an implementing municipal resolution within the meaning of this section, the municipal resolution shall either refer to this section and the applicable subdivisions of section 423A.01 or shall describe in summary form the modifications to be implemented.

HIST: 1980 c 607 art 15 s 6; 1983 c 289 s 114 subd 1; 1984 c 655 art 1 s 92; 1986 c 359 s 26

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