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423.372 Police officer, defined; rights.

A police officer under Laws 1947, chapter 625, is a duly appointed police officer, who is regularly entered on the payroll of the police department of such city, serving on active duty therein, after having completed any probationary period required under the laws or ordinances of such city. Probationers in the police department, substitutes and persons employed irregularly from time to time, and elective officials of such department, shall not be deemed to be included under Laws 1947, chapter 625. All persons who are members of the police officers' relief associations of such cities, on April 29, 1947, whether their status is embraced within the definition of a police officer herein contained or otherwise, shall have the right to continue as members of their respective associations and be entitled to all benefits pertaining thereto, and any member included under the definition of police officer herein provided shall have the right to retain membership on promotion or appointment to other positions to which such police officer herein may be subject. Laws 1947, chapter 625, shall not affect any pensions or other benefits which have been allowed or which are being paid by any such relief association under or in accordance with any prior act or acts, on April 29, 1947. Payment of such pensions and benefits shall be continued by the respective associations in accordance with their articles of incorporation and bylaws, and shall be subject to all of the provisions thereof, existing on April 29, 1947, or as thereafter duly repealed or amended.

Any person who is employed in subsidized on-the-job training, work experience or public service employment as an enrollee under the federal comprehensive employment and training act shall not be included as a member of the relief association from and after March 30, 1978 unless the person has as of the later of March 30, 1978 or the date of employment sufficient service credit in the relief association to meet the minimum vesting requirements for a deferred service pension, or the city agrees in writing to make the total required employer contributions on account of that individual from revenue sources other than funds provided under the federal comprehensive employment and training act, or the person agrees in writing to make the required employer contributions in addition to the member contribution.

HIST: 1943 c 521 s 3; 1947 c 625 s 3; 1978 c 720 s 14; 1986 c 444

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Revisor of Statutes