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298.227 Taconite economic development fund.

An amount equal to that distributed pursuant to each taconite producer's taxable production and qualifying sales under section 298.28, subdivision 9a, shall be held by the iron range resources and rehabilitation board in a separate taconite economic development fund for each taconite and direct reduced ore producer. Money from the fund for each producer shall be released only on the written authorization of a joint committee consisting of an equal number of representatives of the salaried employees and the nonsalaried production and maintenance employees of that producer. The district 11 director of the United States Steelworkers of America, on advice of each local employee president, shall select the employee members. In nonorganized operations, the employee committee shall be elected by the nonsalaried production and maintenance employees. Each producer's joint committee may authorize release of the funds held pursuant to this section only for acquisition of equipment and facilities for the producer or for research and development in Minnesota on new mining, or taconite, iron, or steel production technology. Funds may be released only upon a majority vote of the representatives of the committee. If a taconite production facility is sold after operations at the facility had ceased, any money remaining in the fund for the former producer may be released to the purchaser of the facility on the terms otherwise applicable to the former producer under this section. Any portion of the fund which is not released by a joint committee within two years of its deposit in the fund shall be divided between the taconite environmental protection fund created in section 298.223 and the northeast Minnesota economic protection trust fund created in section 298.292 for placement in their respective special accounts. Two-thirds of the unreleased funds shall be distributed to the taconite environmental protection fund and one-third to the northeast Minnesota economic protection trust fund.

HIST: 1992 c 511 art 9 s 8; 1993 c 375 art 16 s 1; 1994 c 587 art 6 s 2; 1995 c 264 art 7 s 2; 1996 c 471 art 12 s 1

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