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268A.06 Rehabilitation facilities.

Subdivision 1. Application. Any city, town, county, nonprofit corporation, state regional center, or any combination thereof, may apply to the commissioner for assistance in establishing or operating a community rehabilitation facility. Application for assistance shall be on forms prescribed by the commissioner. Each applicant shall annually submit to the commissioner its plan and budget for the next fiscal year. No applicant shall be eligible for a grant hereunder unless its plan and budget have been approved by the commissioner.

Subd. 2. Funding. In order to provide the necessary funds for extended employment programs offered by a rehabilitation facility, the governing body of any city, town, or county may expend money which may be available for such purposes in the general fund, and may levy a tax on the taxable property in the city, town, or county. Any city, town, county, or nonprofit corporation may accept gifts or grants from any source for the rehabilitation facility. Any money appropriated, taxed, or received as a gift or grant may be used to match funds available on a matching basis.

Subd. 3. Rehabilitation facilities: salary adjustments; grants. The commissioner shall increase grants, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1991, for each rehabilitation facility by a salary adjustment figured by multiplying the total salaries, payroll taxes, and fringe benefits for personnel below top management by three percent. All increased revenue produced by this calculation must be used for salary and related costs of personnel in positions below top management. The commissioner shall ensure that all increased revenue produced by this calculation is used for salary and related costs of personnel in positions below top management.

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