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79A.32 Reporting to Minnesota workers' compensation insurers' association.

Subdivision 1. Required activity. Each self-insurer shall perform the following activities:

(1) maintain membership in and report loss experience data to the Minnesota workers' compensation insurers association, or a licensed data service organization, in accordance with the statistical plan and rules of the organization as approved by the commissioner;

(2) establish a plan for merit rating which shall be consistently applied to all insureds, provided that members of a data service organization may use merit rating plans developed by that data service organization;

(3) provide an annual report to the commissioner containing the information and prepared in the form required by the commissioner; and

(4) keep a record of the losses paid by the self-insurers and premiums for the group self-insurers.

Subd. 2. Permitted activity. In addition to any other activities not prohibited by this chapter, self-insurers may:

(1) through licensed data service organizations, individually, or with self-insurers commonly owned, managed, or controlled, conduct research and collect statistics to investigate, identify, and classify information relating to causes or prevention of losses;

(2) develop and use classification plans and rates based upon any reasonable factors; and

(3) develop rules for the assignment of risks to classifications.

Subd. 3. Delayed reporting. Private self-insurers established under sections 79A.01 to 79A.18 prior to August 1, 1995, need not begin filing the reports required under subdivision 1 until January 1, 1998.

HIST: 1995 c 231 art 2 s 41

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Revisor of Statutes