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473.891 Definitions.

Subdivision 1. Applications. The definitions in this section apply to sections 473.891 to 473.905.

Subd. 2. Board. "Board" or "radio board" means the metropolitan radio board.

Subd. 3. First phase. "First phase" or "first phase of the regionwide public safety radio communications system" means the initial backbone which serves state and regional agencies.

Subd. 4. Local elected officials. "Local elected officials" means any elected official of a local government.

Subd. 5. Local government. "Local government" means any county, home rule charter or statutory city, or town, lying in whole or in part within the metropolitan area.

Subd. 6. NPSPAC channels. "NPSPAC channels" or "National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee channels" means the following 800 megahertz channels: 821 to 824 and 866 to 869 megahertz.

Subd. 7. Plan. "Plan" or "regionwide public safety radio system communication plan" means the plan adopted by the metropolitan radio board for a regionwide public safety radio communications system.

Subd. 8. Subsystems. "Subsystems" or "public safety radio subsystems" means systems identified in the plan as subsystems interconnected by the first phase backbone in subsequent phases and operated by local government units for their own internal operations.

Subd. 9. System; backbone system. "System" or "backbone system" means a regionwide public safety radio communication system that consists of a shared regionwide infrastructure network, the elements of which are identified in the regionwide public safety radio communications system plan, and subsystems interconnected by the shared regionwide network.

HIST: 1995 c 195 art 1 s 2

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Revisor of Statutes