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153.01 Definitions.

Subdivision 1. Words, terms, and phrases. Unless the language or context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended, the following words, terms, and phrases, for the purposes of this chapter, shall be given the meanings subjoined to them.

Subd. 2. Podiatric medicine. "Podiatric medicine" means the diagnosis or medical, mechanical, or surgical treatment of the ailments of the human hand, foot, ankle, and the soft tissue of the lower leg distal to the tibial tuberosity, including amputation of the toe, but not including amputation of the foot, hand, or fingers, or the use of anesthetics other than local anesthetics, except as provided in section 153.26. Podiatric medicine includes the prescribing or recommending of appliances, devices, or shoes for the correction or relief of foot ailments. Podiatric medicine includes the prescribing or administering of any drugs or medications necessary or helpful to the practice of podiatry as defined by this subdivision, provided, however, that licensed podiatrists shall be restricted in their prescribing or administering of any drugs or medications by the limitations imposed on the scope of practice of podiatric medicine as defined in this chapter.

Subd. 3. Board. "Board" means the board of podiatric medicine of the state of Minnesota.

Subd. 4. Repealed, 1987 c 108 s 17

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