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Minnesota Legislature
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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Minnesota Statutes is a compilation of the general and permanent laws of the state. Read more...
Statutes for prior years are also available.

Table of Chapters

List of Statute Chapters by Part
Chapters Title
1 Elections
2 Congressional Districts
3 The Legislature
5 Printing and Distribution of Laws and Documents
6 State Officers
7 Salaries of State Officers
8 Counties and County Officers
10 Township Organization
11 Taxes
12 Militia
13 Roads, Cartways and Bridges
15 Relief of the Poor
17 Bastards
18 Partition Fences
19 Estrays, Unclaimed Property, and Beasts Doing Damage
20 Preservation of Game
28 Auctioneers
29 Town Plats
32 Logs and Lumber
33 Banks and Banking
34 Corporations
35 Charitable Institutions
36 Education
37 University of Minnesota
38 Public Lands
39 Chattel Mortgages
41 Frauds
46 Title to Real Property by Descent
49 Probate Courts
56 Partition and Distribution of Estates
57 Sales of Lands by Executors, Administrators and Guardians
59 Guardians and Wards
61 Marriage
64 District Courts
65 Courts of Justice of the Peace
66 Civil Actions
68 Homestead Exemption
70 Fees
71 Petit Juries
72 Oaths and Acknowledgments
73 Witnesses and Evidence
75 Actions Concerning and Rights in Real Property
81 Foreclosure of Mortgages
84 Forcible Entries and Unlawful Detainers
88 Attorneys and Counsellors
90 Liens
94 Offences Against Life and Person
95 Offences Against Property
98 Offences Against the Public Peace
107 Grand Juries
120 Jails and Prisons
123 Curative and Legalizing Acts
124 Miscellaneous Laws