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An applicant for a Class A license must disclose with regard to the development, ownership, and operation of its pari-mutuel horse racing facility:


a description of the applicant's management plan, with budget and identification of management personnel by function, job descriptions, and qualifications for each management position, and a copy of the organization chart;


management personnel to the extent known and with respect to each:


legal name, aliases, and previous names;


current residence and business addresses and telephone numbers;


qualifications and experience in the following areas:


general business;


real estate development;




marketing, promotion, and advertising;


finance and accounting;


horse racing;


pari-mutuel betting;


security; and


human and animal health and safety; and


description of the terms and conditions of employment and a copy of the agreement;


consultants and other contractors who have provided or will provide management-related services to applicant to extent known and with respect to each:


full name;


current address and telephone number;


nature of services;


qualifications and experience;


description of terms and conditions of any contractor's agreement, and a copy of the agreement;


memberships of the applicant, management personnel, and consultants in horse racing organizations;


description of the applicant's security plan, including:


number and deployment of security personnel used by applicant during a race meeting, security staff levels, and deployment at other times;


specific security plans for perimeter, stabling facilities, pari-mutuel betting facilities, purses and cash room;


specific plans to discover persons at the horse racing facility who have been convicted of a felony, had a license suspended, revoked, or denied by the commission or by the horse racing authority of another jurisdiction or are a threat to the integrity of racing in Minnesota;


description of video monitoring equipment and its use;


whether the applicant will be a member of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau or other security organization; and


coordination of security with law enforcement agencies;


description of the applicant's plans for human and animal health and safety, including emergencies;


description of the applicant's marketing, promotion, and advertising plans;


a description of the applicant's plan for concessions, including whether the licensee will operate concessions and, if not, who will, to the extent known;


a description of training of the applicant's personnel; and


a description of plans for compliance with all laws pertaining to discrimination, equal employment, and affirmative action; policies regarding recruitment, use, and advancement of minorities; policies with respect to minority contracting; a copy of Equal Employment Opportunity Statement and Policy of the applicant dated and signed by chief executive officer; and a copy of Affirmative Action Policy and Procedures dated and signed; and identification of the affirmative action officer, including name, title, address, and telephone number.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 240.23


8 SR 1823

Published Electronically:

April 16, 2007

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